5 things to ask yourself when finding Money Making a Niche.

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1. What am I interested in and passions about?

Firstly make a list of 10 things that interest you and your passion areas.

Here are a few ideas to help you identify what your interests and passions are:

• What do you do in your free time? What do you look forward to doing when you aren’t doing it?

• What type of content do you love to consume online, magazines, TV shows etc.

• What topics do you like to research?

2. What problems can I solve?

Here’s how you can identify problems in specific niches:

• Have discussions with your target market. Come up with questions that help you uncover pain points.

• Research. Search Google or find forums related to your niche, look at the discussions that people are having. What type of questions are people asking? What common problems do they have?

• Find Keywords. Explore different keyword combinations on Google Trends and Google AdWords’ keyword planner. This will help you find popular search terms related to your niche.

3. What is my competition doing?

Competition is a good thing! It may be showing you that you’ve found a profitable niche.

Here are some signs to look out for.

• Low-quality content. You can beat your competition in a niche where other online businesses or individuals are not creating high-quality content that serves the market.

• Lack of transparency. Many onlineprenuers have disrupted industries by creating an authentic, engaging and transparent online presence in a niche where others are not present or overly corporate.

• Lack of paid competition. Maybe you found a keyword that has a high search volume, but the competition has no paid advertising, an opportunity exists for you to disrupt that market.

4. How profitability is my niche?

At this point you have a good idea of what niche you’re going into. At this point, it’s vital to get an idea of how much monetary potential your niche has. Click Bank is a good place to start.

You can partner with products developers, advertisers (affiliate programs) and site owners in your niche start generating commissions while you’re working on your BIG solution to your markets problem.

5. When could I start testing?

One simple way to do this is to set up a landing page for a product within your niche. You can then drive traffic to this page with paid advertising.


Once you’ve confirm the reality of your niche, start working on your website. You’ll want to learn how to create a superstarblog, and generate more traffic to your site to increase your revenue.

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