How to make money using Pinterest (Step by Step)

In this post I’m going to show you a simple Pinterest marketing strategy that allows you to quickly and easily build up a huge account, to the point where you can have thousands of “niche” related followers to drive traffic, backlinks and sales to your website.



is absolutely huge and has over 150 million monthly users, in my opinion one of the world’s largest source of completely free traffic. If you’re not already using Pinterest for your business’s online marketing then… WELL, you are completely missing out!

In this post you will learn:

  • How to get traffic from Pinterest.
  • How to get more Pinterest followers than you know what do with.
  • How to use Pinterest for SEO and backlinks.
  • How to make money with Pinterest!

Here’s some stats about exactly who uses Pinterest according to This will give you an idea of what type of target audience’s Pinterest has:

  • Pinterest users are mostly women. Around 85% of all users are female.
  • Number of monthly Pinterest users outside the US: 80 Million
  • Percentage of Pinterest users that are millennials: 67%
  • Examples of niches that perform well on Pinterest are cooking, fashion, health & weightloss, kids & baby items and home & gardening.

Here are 3 easy steps to help you build up your Pinterest account, fast!

Step 1: Set up your Pinterest account


  • Visit the Pinterest home page at
  • Click on “Sign up with Email.” If you want Pinterest linked with your Facebook account, click instead on “Sign up with Facebook.
  • Type your Pinterest profile information into the fields provided. …
  • Click on “Sign up.”
  • Add a profile picture.

Step 2: Search Pinterest for your niche


On the search tab on the top of your profile, search for your niche. My niche is related to photography, So I search for this to see a list of other people that have Pinterest accounts related to my field. I then select the subcategory “People.” Here I can see photography related accounts. Now all I need to do is follow all the niche related accounts.



TIP…Click through onto the profiles of accounts with a lot of followers. This photography account has over 2,700 followers. From here click onto the followers button to see a list of the account’s followers, because all of these people are following a photography related account it’s safe to assume that they like photography, so I follow these accounts.

These people will be extremely likely to follow your account and share your content. To get these people to follow your account all you need to do is follow them first. Go through the list and follow them one by one, many will follow you back. You can follow up to 300 people at a time.


If you spend a few minutes doing this everyday until you have followed 10,000 or so people, by this stage you should have atleast 2,000 real niche related followers that are interested in your content. Your account will also start to grow organically as people naturally find your Pinterest account.

Step 3: Pin lots of content



Every time you add a new piece of content to your account, make sure you have a nice big image on that post. Just upload a pin with that image, with a link to your website aswell. When ever you submit content to Pinterest you get a “backlink” from a huge authority site, when someone repins your content, that link gets posted to their profile and they too give you a backlink.

If you post content that get’s repined 20 times, this means it has been reposted to 20 different profiles and you just scored 20 new backlinks to your website, you also benefit from the free traffic and this leads to sales too, especially if you are targeting a niche that’s popular on Pinterest like fashion, health or cooking etc.

You can also submit YouTube videos to your Pinterest account, if you have a channel you can get backlinks, views and subscribers by using this method. The more you share out content, the more people will find your account and repost your content.

What other suggestions would you have for someone who is looking to make money using Pinterest?

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