3 ways to stand out from the many blogs out there

A lot of people never take that first step towards making their blogging dreams come true simply because, they think “there are just too many blogs out there.”

“I GET IT!” Just search on Google or look on YouTube, you are hit with thousands upon thousands of blogs, vlogs & reviews covering every possible niche and topic out there, it’s easy to think that there is no place for you, there’s too much competition, and you’ll just be another unseen page online. I will answer 3 questions in my post that will help you stand out from the many other blogs…

  1. How do I pick a low competition niche for my blog?
  2. How do I pick a niche that I am passionate about and still be different?
  3. How do I earn money from posting better content on my blog?

Blogging seems like a good idea in theory, and you’ll never compete with the big names, right?

WRONG! “Superstar Blogger” Nomadic Matt told me to “think of blogging like opening a restaurant.”

New ones pop up and old ones die just as fast. The best restaurant owner believes “there are a lot of places already — but I can do it better.” That’s the winning mentality to have when blogging. Sure, there might be a lot that exist already, but the world always wants more quality places. It always wants that amazing new restaurant.” says Nomadic Matt.

Now imagine your blog like this restaurant owner, how can you do things better? What’s your signature dish (expertise)? How can you create a better and more unique experience?

1. How do I pick a low competition niche for my blog?


A niche according to businessdictionary.com is “A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer.” In this case the marketer is you with your blog.

Choosing the right niche before you start out is so important! It literally makes the difference between being seen and being overlooked online.

Pick a niche that people are searching for!

If no body is typing your niche into Google, no matter how good your content is you still won’t get any traffic because nobody is even looking for your niche.

To make sure people are interested in your niche, use a keyword tool like Google AdWords to see how many people are searching your niche.

Google AdWords

Allows you to type a word or phrase to see roughly how may times that word or phrase gets searched for in the search engine every month.

A good rule of thumb is to look for a niche with no less than 1000 searches a month and no more that 50 000 searches a month. Generally the less searches a niche gets the less competition and the easier it will be for your blog to rank well in Google. If your niche has hundreds of millions of results when you search it, that’s a not a good sign. “FIND A LOW COMPETITION NICHE..!”

2. How do I pick a niche that I am passionate about and still be different?


Though it’s fair to say that you should post about things that you are passionate about but, find an angle that’s different to the rest in your niche. Think outside the box, don’t just go with what everyone else is saying or doing. Most Travel Photographers talk about their own travels on their blogs but, I have chosen to blog about things that no body else in my niche is really focusing on. “Teaching Beginner Photographers – basics, tips & tricks to get paid to travel.

3. How do I earn money from posting better content on my blog?


The trick here is to build a simple but ridiculously profitable blog. HOW..?

“SIMPLE!” If Google ranks you higher than the other blogs in your niche, readers will find your blog first. Rankings result in thousands of visitors finding your blog, reading and engaging with your content.

How do I monetise my blog so I get paid for my content?

Affiliate links are a great way to monetise the content on your blog. “An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID or username. In affiliate programs, advertisers use affiliate links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website. This action is all part of an affiliate program.” – techopedia.com. Amazon has a great FREE to join affiliate program that I myself use to sell the products I love and I earn a commission while doing so.”

Pick a niche that people actually buy stuff from!

Choose something based of a product that people are actually buying online, on my blog I advise beginner photographers, I know when you starting out you need help buying affordable things that you can use in order to get better at your craft quickly therefore, I promote photography books and essential tools for beginner photographers.

It’s important to note that you can still rank for and make money from your blog even if it’s in a competitive niche, in fact it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a niche with zero competitors. The whole point is to look for niches with little competition. The internet and the world are big enough for all of us to make money from the same niches.

“Now you can stop looking at the blogging and going “I can’t do it.” Look at the field and go “I CAN DO IT BETTER!”

You may still be thinking “What can I add to the mix?  Who would want to listen to me?”

The answers are: your story — and a lot of people.” –  Nomadic Matt

Your stories, expert advice and passions are unique to you, and that’s all you need to stand out from the crowd!

What other suggestions would you have for someone who is struggling to find their niche?

Please like & share if this article has been useful to you, help me help others like yourself! – Photo Keith.

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