Create A “Superstar Blog” in 1,2,3!


So you’ve been hearing about how awesome blogs are, how “Superstar Bloggers” are making 6-figure incomes from practically blogging about things they love doing. You interested in starting your own blog, but you stuck?

You don’t know where to start? It’s too complicated!

“WELL, IT’S NOT!”…Im now going to prove to you that creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is quick, cheap and easy , especially with the help of the Blue Host’s great hosting plans. A self-hosted WordPress site allows you to have full functionality over your blog without any restrictions, something that free services do not offer you.

To get started with your self-hosted WordPress blog, Here is what you need:

“A Catchy Domain Name”

The trick here is keep it very simple. Tip: The name of your blog may include the niche in which you are in, this allows readers to find your blog when they search for the specific subject. For instance, I use my blog to teach beginner photographers the basics — before they invest a lot of money and time into their passion and to help professional photographers better understand the power of online marketing in their business. Thus I’ve named my blog “KeithPhotoBlog.”It’s simple and readers who stumble across my blog can safely assume it has something to do with photo’s.

Head on over to the Blue Host site and click the “get started now”. They offer a totally free domain name, one click WordPress install, 24/7 support and a hosting package starts from as little as  $3.95/month*. Their service is one I vouch for and one I use for my own sites.  Note: You’ll need to have a hosting account before you can install WordPress to it. So what’s next…?

1.Click “get started now”


2.Select your plan, “The basic plan” should be suffice in getting your WordPress blog up and running. You can always upgrade your package at a later stage.


3.Sign up now, “New domain”, this is where you enter your “Catchy Domain Name” to see if it’s available. If you already have a domain name, enter it to the tab on the right hand side “I have a domain name.”


4.”Account information”, this is where you fill in your personal information.


5.”Package information”, here you’ll find the summary of your account plan (The screen shot below is an example of a basic account, prices will be subjected to your tailored needs.)


6.”Payment information”, you can either pay by using your credit card or your Pay Pal account.



7.Your account will be created and you should receive a confirmation via email. To access WordPress, the login page would normally be, using the username and password you set at signup or one that is provided to you via email.  You can change this password in the WordPress settings.

8.Sign into your WordPress dashboard.

9.Create your first post! The sidebar of your WordPress dashboard contains all of your posting and settings tools. To create a post, simply choose Posts > Add New.

Here’s are the secrets of a successful blog according to “Superstar Blogger” Nomadic Matt.

  • “Be niche – Focus on what you know best and you’ll carve out a little kingdom on the web. Always choose to be the big fish in a small pond.
  • Be different – Don’t be like every other blog. Find your own style. Combine your passions.
  • Zig when people zag – Continuing on that idea, the best way to break into a field is to do the opposite of conventional wisdom.
  • Be detailed – To quote Denzel Washington from Philadelphia, “explain it like they are a five-year-old.” This will set your content apart from everyone else who writes thin, personal posts.
  • Network like crazy – The best way to grow your online business is to network with people across various industries and niches.
  • Don’t stop learning – The surest way to fail is to think you know everything and never keep learning.
  • Help people – Time is a precious commodity, but the more you help people, the more people will help you. Always be giving.
  • Create a work schedule – Create a weekly schedule where you only focus on one or two important tasks per day.
  • Create products – All businesses sell something. Having something you sell allows you to create revenue and make money with your site!
    An ebook, phone consulting, tours, other people’s books, or, heck, even T-shirts!
  • Remember, you aren’t Superman – It may seem like you have to do it all — you’re the writer, editor, marketer, coder, designer, and everything in between. But you don’t. You aren’t Superman. Don’t feel you are in a rush. The pressures you put on yourself are just that — on yourself. Outsource work you don’t love or aren’t good at.” – Nomadic Matt

10. Visit your Settings page to tweak the date/time options, comment settings, and permalink structures.

11.Browse through the huge array of Plugins for special add-ons and features.

12. Your Appearance section is where you can upload WordPress Themes, add content to your sidebar, and more! Tip: Search for well followed, well designed blogs in your niche and base your blogs appearance off their template. If so many people are following them they must be doing something right. RIGHT!?

1,2,3! YOU’RE DONE!

Now you’re ready to start Blogging like the Superstar you are!

Are you already well underway when it comes to blogging? Just starting out? Is this content helpful to you? Please leave your answers in the comment box below, I’ll be sure to check them out!

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This post uses Blue Host & Superstar Blogging affiliate links in which this site earns a commission on each sign up, at no cost to you.


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