The New Selfie Trend

Meitu is a cool app for all those “Selfie-ographers” out there.

Meitu has more than 456 million active users and 6 billion photo’s created a month

Combining facial recognition with anime-like filters it takes your selfie game to a whole other level. The photo-editing app, available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, lets you take selfies or upload pictures from your camera roll.


Meitu has been popular in China since its 2008 it has recently gained international popularity, and now has 430 million users outside of China. In the “Photos & Video” section of Apple’s US app store it is currently the No. 4 ranked app. Download it and try it out.

Download it from Google Play

Download it from the Apple App Store

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Written by. Keith Chitaka

FB: Keith King Hood Chitaka
Instagram: keith_chitaka


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